Familians celebrate Valentines Day!

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“U Mad, Gurl?”– An Anti-Bullying Campaign

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By: Dorothy Dulnoan

February 2 2015, Monday – The grades 9-10 and fourth year partook in the anti bullying symposium or better known as “U Mad, Gurl?”

The opening of the event was marked by high spirited and peppy song numbers performed by bands, Directrix and Tacloband.

The guest speaker of this event is no other than Miguel Gomez. A lot of people may know him as “Kuya Migs” from CMLI – the energetic and charismatic social butterfly loved by the crowd or as Ramon Bautista on twitter due to his hugot and sawi tweets.

Kuya Migs delivered a significant talk on bullying. As he spoke, we picked up important learnings from him. Some of these many learnings are:

> When a bully picks on you, you should try these methods

Preemptive supalpal. Ignore the bully (just like how your crush ignores you. Aray)

• Laugh about it. You know, smile through the pain.

> Some significant things we should keep in mind:

  • We shouldn’t step on other people by pointing out what’s wrong with them, just to make ourselves feel superior.
  • Someway, somehow someone is better than you
  • Someway, somehow you are better than him/her
  • Everyone wins. everyone loses. (You can’t let a musician and an athlete compete in a basketball game)
  • Learn to love ourselves
  • “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

The first activity ended with a jazzy performance by Surelock 77. The next part of the event was the Advocacy photo shoot where students had their photo ops executing the “anti bullying pose.” This activity was followed by a performance by The Dulaang Salamisim club who showcased a skit that showed what bullying can drive a person to do. Eventually, the event ended with a film viewing session.

The SC Patatas, conducted this activity in order to raise awareness about bullying and for us to do whatever we can to stop it from being evident in society today. It may seem like nothing to others or some people may be too shallow that they won’t care unless they’re affected or victimised but Bullying is a serious thing. Nobody deserves to be bullied or has the right to be a bully. Bullies are losers so don’t be a loser!

The Familians surely enjoyed this event and gained a lot from it. Later that day, the hashtag #UMadGurl was used in tweets to share everyone’s experience and based on the tweets and feedback we all had a great time and enjoyed Kuya Migs’ company. Seriously? who wouldn’t get kilig when kuya Migs flashes that killer smile? This event was a good kickstart of the week and left me thinking —Mondays aren’t so bad after all!



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Pame Look-A-Likes

Holy Family School is not that big of a community and it’s pretty easy to find your long lost sisters from other batches. As we have observed from the side lines, these six pairs of look-a-likes definitely have major similarities between them– be it their smiles, their face structures, the way they do their hair or even their talents!

1. Gianna Santos  and Andrea Ereno


2. Monica Ferrer and Jewel Sanchez


3. Patricia Alvarez and Tony Mallari


4. Von Dimaculangan and Shammy Verunque


5. JP Delacruz and Angelique Delos Reyes


6. Hannah Quinones and Jolien dela Cruz


Do you think they look alike? Share more look-a-likes if you have more in mind!

Petit Angel

by: Angela Juarez

Run, little angel. Run!

You must find yourself and become one.

Create a bubble of your own sanity

To escape the dying embers of the cemetery.

The shadows of the past haunt you;

The weary present breaks you into two;

The looming future taunts your soul;

You must run, little angel. Run!

Across the bleak meadow filled with ghouls,

A poignant memory of yesterday leads you to a hollow.

That inevitable mistake of yours;

Will come back for you later.

Just run, little angel.

Never look back again.

Run and find your way back home.

Run, little angel. Run!

Heal yourself and become one.

Never result to the way of the guns.

Run, little angel. Run!

Face of Art

by: Waya Lao

Pale, fair or dark

Something unique will spark

You, yourself is a piece of art

Remember, beauty comes first within the heart

On some days, you look as if a surreal painting

Something peculiar but has a substantial meaning

A snatch of smile is something to wear

You’ll be a perfect artwork; that people adore when stared

Do not be depressed with how you look

Everything is diverse from what you’ve read from your books

Different mediums are mixed into you

The important thing to do is to be true

Be yourself; be confident and happy

You do not have to explain yourself to anybody

You are a Mona Lisa in your own style;

Or Marilyn Monroe, whichever fits your style

“Who is your fave faci from CMLI?”

by: Marjo M. Lagman

When CMLI-ers went home from Baguio it’s not only the ‘pasalubongs’ that they brought home with us! They brought home stories, memories, and hangovers from the recent Children’s Museum and Library Inc. (CMLI) event.

They tell stories about the hot choco in the morning, the different taho flavours, the “everyday-ice-bucket-challenge” shower in the morning, the dance craze which was thought in ONA, the people they’ve met and of course, the facilitators.

It’s not hard to see why Familians love the facis from CMLI. I was able to interview some of the delegates on who their favourite faci is and why.

“My fave faci is Kuya Migs. I met him even before CMLI. I get to see his name on my timeline and was shocked that he was a NEB representative. On day 0 he carried our bags, kilig! He is very funny, he is always happy, and he has the cutest smile. If I were given a chance to say something to him it would be:

Hi Kuya Migs! I hope you achieve all your goals in life! Be always happy!
P.S. Please don’t seen-zone, favourite-zone, and retweet-zone
us, delegates, too much.”


-Joanne May B. Valmores, !V- St. Jane Frances de Chantal

“Kuya Enzo was giving a speech on the first day of the convention and I knew just then who to look up to. He’s my favourite faci not only for the reason that he’s the president of CMLI  JC-NEB 2014 but also because he displays true leadership in everything that he does. While scanning through the CMLI magazine, I noticed that he studies in UP Diliman with the course BS Psychology, which is the same course I was interested in taking.”


–Francesca Maria A. Cruz, IV-St. Emily of Rodat

“I met kuya Migs on the day 0 of CMLI. He assisted us to our guesthouse and carried my luggage. He is very energetic, he is very friendly, and is always ready to serve others. He even calls us his ‘chicks.’ I never fail to laugh when he’s cracking the joke. I like how he can be crazy weird and a role model at the same time. I already miss kuya Migs and the ++ family”


–Frances Therese Zabala , 10-St. Teresa of Avila

”Ate Rayven is the cutest faci you’ll see at the CMLI convention! I am so thankful that she gets to be my first and last commission faci. She discusses her topics well with us which made me made me change the way I see the world. I don’t need to define how fun it is to be with her because her smile says it all. If I get another chance to see her again I would probably say, ‘hey ate! Look at me now! And I have you to thank for.'”


Marjo M. Lagman, IV-St. Jane Frances de Chantal


“We were already panicking doing our documentary film when Ate Almira asked us if she has something she can do that might help us. She is really funny and fun to be with, personally and socially. She even supports me on my crush! My message for her would be:

Hi Ate Almira, It was nice meeting you. Even though
we’ve already separated, I won’t forget all the
things that you have taught me. Thank you for
the ‘kulitan moments’ and I won’t forget your
special tagline, Stay Bibo. Thank you to the best faci
ever of the best version of Comm 11! We love you
Kathryn Bernardo! Hope you find your Daniel Padilla!”


Allesandra Michaela P. Guitterez

         “I met Kuya Chino from last year’s convention, so this year, I was already very comfortable around him. He is very funny, he never gets angry with all the crazy stunts me and my best friends do, and his dimple is deeper than his voice. Just kidding! And you wouldn’t believe that this anime-loving, vj hosting, science student could actually do hip-hop! I was amazed myself when he did a hand stand on the dance floor. Thank you Kuya Chino for being the best faci there is.”


–Michealangela Gabrielle V. Vito, IV-St. Frances Xavier of Cabrini

“The dancer who instructed the “The Spark” dance craze was Kuya Grau, my favourite faci. Even with many people around him complimenting him and looking up to him, he still remains humble. Whenever he’s around I feel a sudden positive vibe. Maybe because his smile makes a great impact on me, I could feel that he’s smiling through his heart and not just because he’s forced to do it since he’s a faci. He’s very cheerful and jolly. He influences me to have the same positive energy that he has. Thank you for being such a mood lifter Kuya Grau! See you soon!

–Charisse Cruz, 10-St. Teresa of Avila

“I was in commission 18 and my comm faci and fave faci is Kuya Russ. I’ve only attended the commission discussion once but even so we’ve become really close. He’s very kind, understanding, and is open for sharing stories with us. Whenever we talk, it never seems to end because of how fun he is to talk to. I even get a chance to dance with him at the disco socials! CMLI has ended but still we connect via facebook and twitter. Just like him, I want to be an Atenista, too. I told him this and even lifted my spirit. Hoping to bond with him and the ++ family again!”

–Diorja Ana Villarin, St. Jane Frances de Chantal